Connect With Customers

It’s what you know about the people who know you.

Build more profitable customer relationships through better customer intelligence and more engaging communications.

Winning customers today means staying connected. When you can interact with your customers on an ongoing basis, you can stay on top of their latest needs and challenges and build rapport. And when it is time to make a sales pitch, you can engage them with relevant, compelling presentations that stand apart from your competitors.

85% of marketers

say they are under pressure to create assets and deliver campaigns more quickly.3

Our six methods of connection:

1. Marketing Plan

Plan the work, and work the plan.
We'll look at strategy and tactics to help create, or enhance, the blueprint that drives your digital marketing efforts.


  • Clear
  • Quantified
  • Focused
  • Realistic
  • Agreed

2. Search Optimization

We'll follow the Google Webmaster Guidelines to optimize your site for organic search and to help Google, Bing and others find, index and rank your website and pages.


  • Review structure
  • Technical guidance
  • Content development
  • Keyword research
  • Monitor for hacking
  • Submit sitemaps
  • Maintain links

3. AdWords & Display

We can help you create ads, reach customers, grow your business and convert your advertising investment into revenue with AdWords, Google's online paid advertising program.


  • Set goals
  • Establish budgets
  • Define targets
  • Create campaigns
  • Track results

4. Sales Presentations

Meet this critcal step in the sales cycle with a dynamic, coordinated, planned strategy that engages at least a few of the five senses and runs on multiple platforms including digital and print.


  • Powerpoint
  • Keynote
  • Prezi
  • Responsive display
  • Animation
  • Audio & Video

5. Marketing Collateral

We'll enhance your brand identity and help make your sales effort easier and more effective with a collection of media to support the presentation of your products and services.


  • Packaging
  • Direct Mail
  • Corporate ID / Stationery
  • Sell Sheets / Flyers
  • Product Data Sheets
  • Product Whitepapers
  • Trade Show / POS / POP

6. Product Brochures

Introduce your company and inform your custmers about your products, services, features and benefits. We'll create high value brochures in both print and digital formats to fit specific steps in your sales process.


  • Leave-behinds
  • Point-of-sale
  • Respond to inquiries
  • Direct mail
  • Sales support