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  • 23 years in business, family owned
  • Over 400 companies served
  • Highly experienced & skilled
  • Adobe, Google, and Microsoft professionals
Sparks Milling Digital celebrating 23 years in business! 1997-2020


With origins in the agriculture industry, our name comes from our old family business "Sparks Milling Company," a flour milling operation dating to the 1800's in Alton, Illinois on the banks of the Mississippi River.

Jim McLaughlin founded our company in 1997 as Option Technologies, Inc., a custom software firm specializing in database systems for manufacturing operations. We helped our clients manage quality, automate processes, and streamline operations at high-tech manufacturers like Hydromat, Inc., and large industrial plants and distribution centers at Archer Daniels Midland, Cassens / Chrysler, and Lanter Distribution.

In 2009, we re-branded ourselves as Sparks Milling Digital to highlight our product focus: the design and build of marketing systems for business and industry.


Cheri McLaughlin, President, Sparks Milling Digital

Cheri McLaughlin
Google Certified Professional

Jim McLaughlin, Executive Producer, Sparks Milling Digital

Jim McLaughlin
Executive Producer, MCP

Mike Hoenig, Technical Director, Sparks Milling Digital

Mike Hoenig
Technical Director, MCSE