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We speak human and machine. We are digital with years of experience. Result: we create websites, data systems and multimedia content for leading agencies, business owners, managers, design teams and committees. Click your title below to see how we can help your next project.

Think of us as ground support for your flight operations.

With you, the bigger the creative playground the better. Branding concepts, ad campaigns, messages that knock one's socks off. This stuff makes your day. So how can a digital production company add value?

By deeply understanding the right brain / left brain landscape: knowing the energy and creativity it takes to bring a concept to life, while working with a passion for details and execution. Our background in creative is quite strong: photography, sound, video and graphics. Our background in IT is quite strong: wireless mobile data, software development and web design. We'll carry your brilliant ideas into "the math" that runs the web (or whatever screen you're viewing). We'll convert your digital strategy into digital reality; all the while keeping everything in tune, in time and on key.

The philosophy of easy: we'll figure it out and get the job done.

1's And 0's. It all comes down to those two numbers (and some machine language, but who's counting). The world of IT projects used to be very separate from the world of creative projects. Not anymore. Now, a digital creative project is an IT project.

What makes us unique is that we've got significant expertise in both creative and IT; with a long list of clients. We're a crossover act. We've been living in both worlds for a long time and it's our value add. We'll help write a strategy and plan, then take on your website projects, help your Google search results, organize your media assets and other collateral materials, measure results, report and project manage the whole ball 'o wax. It's how we get an outstanding job done for you; served hot on a plate, with fries.

We'll integrate your design into code. Faithfully.

You've invested huge time in meetings, concept, strategy, winning the job and building out psd, ai, indd or other files. Now you need those concepts produced into a responsive website, or web app, or other presentation. We know creative and we know how you feel.

Attention to detail. Without it, what is life? We know you want your design the way you want it. Fonts and line breaks, edges and colors, drop caps, backgrounds, etcetera. Sometimes it happens that an aspect of a visual design is not possible or practical in code, and we'll be gentle if we have to break that news. Then we'll help with a great alternative solution. We'll methodically craft your vision into HTML5, CSS3 and Javascript and provide the best fallback possible for those among us not using current browsers. We'll help with launch and go live and then voila! There you'll be... you and your shiny new project appearing on device screens large and small, all around the world.

We're the reliable, experienced vendor you want for your organization.

There's more to it than meets the eye. In this industry, it's easy to underestimate the task at hand, because digital projects can get very complex, very fast. Sort of like a bull ride at the rodeo: calm at the gate, but lot's to manage once the action starts.

We love planning and quality assurance and return on investment. Sometimes it's a great first step to hire us for consulting. We'll review existing materials and give an opinion. We can build prototypes or wireframes or engineering drawings to prove concepts. We can write strategy, tactics and budgets, and then help implement when the time comes. We'll emphasize that taking the time to plan and prototype may add some time and cost up front, but will save time and cost later on. Your committee needs facts and analysis to make the best decisions for your organization. We can deliver.

What should you expect out of digital content?

For starters, it must work effortlessly and flawlessly. Second, it should be designed with the intention of intriguing its audience. This is the place where the left brain and right brain mix to create something worth interacting with. It’s a place where art meets math™. It’s the place where we live every day.

On the math side, we plan, design, build and maintain custom data apps, mobile apps, responsive web sites, static web sites and data-based sites like Content Management Systems (CMS) and E-commerce shopping carts.

On the art side, we create professional multimedia content including graphics, photos, videos, and sound; because all that multimedia stuff is necessary for mobile apps, websites and presentations.

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  • "Our site is 100% improved from this time last year!!"
    Michelle Smith, Executive Director: National Garden Clubs, Inc.
  • "You did a very good job and we all appreciate this very much."
    Michael Jermyn, Chief Revenue Officer: Outbid.com
  • "Wow Jim, you really take your results seriously!"
    Caleb Sheppard, Partner: Rio Creative

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Cheri McLaughlin President

Cheri is an owner of the firm and directs client account management, client digital strategy, sales, marketing and financial management. Prior to joining Sparks Milling Digital, Cheri was a successful business professional with a strong track of accomplishment in banking and financial services. Her career dedication to client success has provided her with expertise in technology, business management, proposals and contracts, and importantly, decisive and analytical leadership qualities. Cheri graduated with her Bachelor of Science degree in Finance and Information Systems from Missouri State University. In early 2013 she completed the requirements to hold an individual certification in the Google AdWords professionals program in Advanced Search, Display Network Advertising and Reporting.

Jim McLaughlin Executive Producer

Jim manages staff and resources and is responsible for getting our digital projects designed, produced and delivered. He's a Microsoft Certified Professional, specializing in data plaforms, reporting and business intelligence with MS SQL Server and ASP.net. Jim designs and constructs database systems, responsive websites and web apps. Over his career Jim has embraced technology and its integration with commerce and art. He’s an owner of the firm and has a unique background in both the creative as well as IT world allowing him to approach a project through the eyes of both a creative designer and an IT engineer. One of Jim's strengths is quality assurance and he’s assisted several companies to implement quality standards and achieve ISO 9000 certification. Jim attended Washington University and Webster University in St. Louis and has recently completed a masters program at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

Mike Hoenig Technical Director

Mike is our technical director and application architect providing system design and development expertise, consulting and direction for our clients and projects. He’s a Microsoft Certified Professional, specializing in ASP.net application development and data systems. Mike has been designing and developing in the .net environment for over 20 years. He’s compiled a successful track record as an expert in the craft, design and development of software, database systems, web applications, data modelling, code reviews and testing plans. His programming skills extend across a variety of languages and platforms including C#, VB, HTML, Javascript, ASP.net, PHP, SQL Server. Mike received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with a Minor in Mathematics from the University of Missouri Columbia where he was an Engineering Honors Scholar.

Tina Murtha Project Manager

With more than 12 year’s experience in managing marketing, special events and public relations activities, and a keen attention to detail, Tina has proven her excellent communication and interpersonal skills time and again. She has remarkable project management abilities as well as outstanding teamwork, focus and task management skills which allowed her to manage sponsorships and events for PGA, NBA, NFL, NHL and MLB teams. Tina’s career background includes working with clients such as Goodyear Racing, Major League Sports, The History Channel, A & E Networks, Gulf Oil and Siemens Corporation. Tina received her Bachelors in Arts degree in Psychology with a minor in Advertising from the University of South Carolina, and her Masters in Sports Management from the University of Massachusetts - Amherst.

Our name comes from our old family business "Sparks Milling Company", a flour milling operation founded in the 1800's in Alton, Illinois on the banks of the Mississippi River. It’s long since been shut down, but it’s our heritage so we’re carrying the name forward. Today, we’re a modern small business with deep midwest roots. An American creative workshop with a big vision and a plan to grow, create jobs and support our community. We run a quality shop with the continuous goal to be a best-value supplier to our clients.

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